How to Cite a Website in an Essay

In an essay, reference to sources is a crucial component. Although the Internet can provide valuable information, it’s important to properly reference the source or website. In general, you should cite the website as a source within the text by including the editor’s/author’s name in parenthesis. The website’s publishing date should be listed after the citation. When quoting a website directly, you should include the website’s “as of” date.

Copy and paste the relevant portion into a Word document to cite a website. The URL must be added to the file. Give it a brief name and then copy the content into the document. This will prevent you from having to retype the entire text. Keep a list of websites and excerpts you use. This will help you identify the source’s work from your own.

When citing a website, you must distinguish between “real” and “online only sources. While many journals in the academic field help with dissertation are exclusively online-based but you can still reference articles that were printed in print. Be sure to include the page number as well as the URL. If the website does not have an author, you may include his name. This is known as a secondary source since it cites an online source.

It is crucial to cite a website in academic work. Even the tiniest amount of information from a website has to be referenced. The website must include the name of the creator compiler, publisher, and date it was built. It is recommended to reach the person who created the website if it was published on a website. Here are the most important details you should be following when citing a website.

Double quotation marks are ideal for writing documents. However you may need to use the single quotation mark for audio sources. Double quotation marks are formal as opposed to single quotation marks and should be used in a separate paragraph. Be sure to include the page number, and if your source is online, you should use the word “online” to identify the location. If you’ve followed the correct format for citations, the author will be acknowledged as the source.

There are a variety of styles of citation. Harvard Style uses a system known as author/dates. Harvard referencing refers to full bibliographic citations. APA style, on the other hand, refers to the website’s primary author. For example in an essay the author should write “David and others.”

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